Welcome 2012

As I look back on the year, 2011, I realize that as tough as it was, I made it and now I’m glad to be able to say, Welcome 2012.

Writing challenges for authors can be stressful because many of us have to write in our spare time between our full-time jobs  and managing the house and the kids. But for me this year, it was even more challenging. So much so that I look back and see what I did accomplish in 2011 and I’m almost stunned that I did that much…..nevertheless, I’m thankful for what I did accomplish.

My first suspense/thriller, Web Secrets, was published in January of 2011, but in all fairness, it was supposed to be released in December of 2010 but editing took longer than planned, and so it became my first published book of 2011. I received many comments and reviews (although I wish more readers had publicized their comments on Amazon rather than just send me private emails) – but still, I’m thankful that Web Secrets was read and appreciated by so many readers.

I began writing the second book in the Sarah Davies series before Christmas of 2010 but I became ill and knowing what I was heading towards, I lost myself in this book, Firestorm, and managed to get it written and to the publisher for editing and back for corrections before my life took an incredible change, and this action-packed teen adventure was published in July of 2011.

By the spring of last year I was not well at all, and after many intense medical tests it was concluded that I had uterin cancer and that took me to June when I had major surgery and was told that they got all the cancer. Healing was long and painful and a few weeks later when I returned for a checkup I learned that the cancer had spread and I had a longevity of maybe Christmas (of 2011) if I didn’t take the chemo and maybe one to three years if I took it.

I am a Christian and after the initial shock and river of tears I turned to the Lord for help and I chose to beat the cancer through natural therapy instead of the chemo. It was a long, harsh therapy and changed my whole way of thinking and perceiving people and their actions. But I found it difficult to focus on my third novel, Whiteouteven though I tried many, many times. But I did manage to get most of the book written, even though not finished. In some ways I felt defeated because my writing career didn’t meet my initial plans for the year, but in other ways, I’m thankful that I accomplished what I did.

I had a great Christmas – mainly because I was still alive and I felt great. And then two days later I got the best gift anyone could ask for, my doctor telling me that the cancer is gone and I’m going to live many, many more years in good health. I still have several months left of rough diet protocol to go through, but it seems so much easier now.

Today is January 1st, 2012 and this year has already started with great joy in my heart because I have a positive future ahead. I feel strong and energetic and I’ve got this year all planned out. I have three books that I want to get written and published, for sure, and that includes the book that I never finished last year, plus I want to write at least one more book to my y/a series.  But the book I’m really excited to write is the one about my life and the struggles I endured as I battled not one, but two life threatening diseases at the same time and won – against all the odds.

I have great plans for 2012, great hopes and more appreciation for life than words can express. I’m going to be more regular with this blog because not only do I want to meet my own writing goals, but I want to help and encourage other aspiring writers to meet theirs. And I’m going to be more frequent with my Inspirational Blog, as well, so that I can show other people who are ill and struggling that there is hope in God, and that He does hear and answer prayer!

Happy New Year to all my friends, and may the Lord bless you with peace and joy, good health and prosperity today and throughout the coming year!



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