Cris deNiro strikes again…

Every once in a while you come across a really dynamic book series that just grabs you and compells you to read them all and then wait anxiously for the next one to be published – and that’s besides my Sarah Davies series which goes without saying.

SIGNS OF WAR by Gerard deMarigny is the second book in the series starting Cris deNiro, the warrior who rose up after the disaster of 911 and went on to defend his homeland from future attacks. It’s a fiction book based on a true life event and it’s filled with prophesies and probabilities that could shape the future of the human race.

These two well written and exciting books, SIGNS OF WAR and the first book, THE WATCHMAN OF EPHRAIM, leave us all wondering just what the real future has in store for us.

You can get the details of both of Gerard’s books at his website where you’ll also see where you can purchase your own copy, be it e-book or cover book…..or even better, a signed copy.